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Birth name: Graciela Cristina Riojas Zuckermann

Born on December 7, 1965 in Mexico City. You graduated with honors in architecture from the Universidad Anahuac of Mexico City in 1991 and obtained the professional qualification n. 1647917 to practice as an architect. From 1991 to 2006 you worked as an architect in Mexico before moving to Italy. She is a self-taught artist, she has been creating artistic works since 2016 and transforms aluminum, stainless steel and corten steel sheets into sculptures.

Her sculptures are already represented in 2 museums in Mexico and Italy, as well as in public places. The lightness of aluminum allows his sculptures to move in the wind. Thanks to the reflective properties of this aluminum and the steel she uses, her sculptures reflect natural and artificial light and blend into the environment, taking colors from nature as a mirror image. Chelita wants to bring joy and light with her sculptures.ght.

- MEXICO, her PAPALOTL Monarch Butterfly since September 2019 is part of the Art collection of the PAPALOTE MUSEUM in Mexico City.

 - ITALY, her sculpture: "Miraculous Light" - Hanukkiah is part of the Art collection of the "Museo dei Lumi" at the Jewish Museum of Casale Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy

- ROME, since 01/31/2022 Her sculpture SHINY AGAVE  was placed at the entrance of the Mexican Embassy in Rome, at the request of Ambassador Carlos Eugenio García de Alba Zepeda for the commemoration of the Mexican Embassy's 100 years in Italy and is now part of its Artistic Heritage.
- BOLZANO, since 2022 three of her sculptures are at Palais Campo Franco in Bolzano. Currently these sculptures are exposed there: PEGASUS BEYOND THE OBSTACLES, EAGLE OF TWO WORLDS and PASSAGE TO PARADISE.
- PORTO ROTONDO in Sardenia:
- since 2021 her Artwork Light Angel was placed in front of Porto Rotondo's church in Sardinia and is part of the Artistic Heritage of the Porto Rotondo's Foundation.
- since 2017, 2 Agaves are part of the Art Collection and are owned by the Consortium of Porto Rotondo, Sardinia. The Agave Americana is allocated in Piazza Cascella and the Agave Arricciata is allocated in Via Riccardo Belli.

- since 2017-2018 Four Artworks are part of the "Hrusca Foundation" collection and are allocated at the Sporting Hotel in Porto Rotondo, Italy.



2020 Milan, Italy. She won the Biancoscuro Art Contest 2020 with the Artwork: Angel of Light.

 - 2019 Venice, Italy. 1st prize in the "13th Arte Laguna Prize" in the Business for Art category with the Artwork: Shiny giant Agave.

 - 2018 Palm Springs, USA. 1st prize in the "4th. Annual Leaves & Petals Art Exhibition" of the Fusion Art Gallery, in the 3D Category with the Artwork: Cactus Flower.

 - 2018 Palm Springs, USA. 1st prize in the "Holidays & Traditions Art Exhibition" of the Fusion Art Gallery, in the 3D Category with the Artwork: Christmas Pinecone.


GALLERIES (that represent her Artworks)
- Daria Koth - EDITION PRO TERRA, Viena, Austria
- San Giorgio Arte in Bari, Italy.

- "The Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery", Palm Desert, USA. 

- Spazio Anna Breda Gallery in Padua, Italy.


- Member of thUNIKA group of Val Gardena, South Tyrol, Italy
- Member of the Südtiroler Künstlerbund Association of  South Tyrol, Italy

- Member of Sangiorgioarte, "Movimento degli Arcani", founded by Prof. Paolo Levi and the Antonio Lagioia 

- Member of the “Colegio de Arquitectos Mexicanos” in Mexico.



- By the art critic Paolo Levi: "THE SECRET SOUL OF A POET"  written for the publication in the Art Magazine: Lagioiadellarte, Contemporary Art review, June 2021, SanGiorgioArte. and for the Art Catalog: "L'Atlante dell'Arte" de Agostini 2021.

 - By the art critic Paolo Levi: "ON THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY" written for the Papalote Museum in Mexico City and for publication in the Art Magazine: Lagioiadellarte, Contemporary Art review, June 2019, SanGiorgioArte.


PRIVATE COLLECTIONS in Italy and abroad

- Italy: Bolzano, Lake Garda, Florence, Milan, Merano, Rome, Padua, Treviso, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Olbia and the island of Maddalena in Sardinia.

- Abroad: Austria (Vienna), Great Britain (London), Monte Carlo, France (Aix en Provence), Finland (Helsinki) and Palm Springs, USA. and Mexico (Mexico City and San Miguel Allende).


- 2022 Bolzano, permanent exhibition at The PALAIS CAMPOFRANCO with 3 sculptures

- 2021 June - Bolzano, Italy in the Little Gallery, individual exhibition "Le Piante nell’Arte"

- 2017 April - Bolzano, Italy in the Little Gallery, individual exhibition "Le Piante nell’Arte"



- 2023 Alpe di Siusi, Val Gardena "Back to the  Roots" with the UNIKA Group in May

- 2023 Ortisei, Val Gardena Biennale IDEA UNIKA in July 

- 2023 Ortisei, Val Gardena UNIKA autumn fair at the end of August



- 2023 FRANZENSFESTE, FORTEZZA 18.03 to 06.06.2023 Exhibition "Mudazion" with UNIKA
- 2023 
Munich, Germany at the "Craft Fair" in March with the UNIKA Group

- 2023 Bressanone, Italy at The Fort FORTEZZA in March with the UNIKA Group
- 2022 Bolzano, Italy at The BOLZANO AUTUM FAIR with the UNIKA Group

- 2022 “FARBEN” exhibition with LVH at Castel Mareccio di Bolzano with the UNIKA Group

- 2022 BAW Bolzano ARTWEEKS with my project "TIMELESS NATURE" at my Studio opened to the public on 1 October 2022 by the Suedtiroler Kuenstlerbund (association of German-speaking artists from South Tyrol).
- 2022 at the 28th UNIKA ART FAIR  in Ortisei, Val Gardena 31.08. - 04.09.2022
- 2022 Sassoferrato, MAM’S Palazzo Degli Scalzi, ospita UNIKA a cura di Andrea Baffoni 21.01.2022 - 6.03.2022
2021 08.12-31.01 Asiago, Ex prison with the UNIKA Group
2021 27.09-31.12 Bolzano, Palazzo Mercantile with the UNIKA Group
2021 22.09-10.01.2022 Bolzano, Campo Franco with the UNIKA Group
2021 13.09-10.01Brindisi, 
Museo Ribezzo with Lagioiadell’Arte and "Movimento degli Arcani"

- 2021 Ortisei, Val Gardena 02.09. - 05.09.2021 invited to participate in the 27. UNIKA Art Fair in Val Gardena.

- 2021 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia 31 July to 30 August invited to participate in the exhibition "Le Quaie des Artistes" curated by Pinuccia Hrusca.

 - 2021 Umbria, Italy 10 July invited to participate in the exhibition "THERE IS NO BEAUTY WITHOUT MYSTERY" by Sangiorgio Arte at the ancient Fornace di Deruta.

2020 Spello, Italy Int. Exhibition of Contemporary Art: "Stati d'Arte" at the Villa Fidelia di Spello. 

2020 Perugia, Italy “NON C'E' BELLEZZA SENZA MISTERO”, room at the Rocca Paolina by Prof. Paolo Levi and Dr. Andrea Baffoni.

2019 Turin, Italy PARATISSIMA 15th fair int. independent artists. With the Spazio Anna Breda Gallery.

2019 Mantua, Italy Museo Francesco Gonzaga, International Biennial of Contemporary Art "Mantova Artexpo 2019" with the presence of art critics Vittorio Sgarbi and Philippe Daverio.

2019 Milan. exhibition of the International Yearbook of Contemporary Art ARTISTI '19 "with texts by the Art Critics Paolo Levi, Angelo Crespi, Philippe Daverio, Vittorio Sgarbi and Luca Beatrice.

2019 Rome, Palazzo Ferrajoli. "L’Arte si mostra" By Editoriale Pagine.

2019 Palm Springs, USA. Fusion Art Gallery "3rd Annual Group Show"

2018 Tarquinia, Felici Di Sanctis Park. "Tra i rami dell’arte" with the art critic Philippe Daverio.

2018 Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Christie's Int. Gallery "Arte in Porto Cervo Marina" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2018 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia. Christie's Int. Real estate gallery "Arte in porto" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2018 Porto Rotondo, "Incontriamoci nell’arte" by Pinuccia Hrusca.

2018 Milan at The Nature Art Gallery "Abitare la natura" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2018 Milan at The Nature Art Gallery "Mediterranea" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2017 Milan at The Nature Art Gallery "A Christmas Expo" curated by Sabrina La Leggia.

2017 Porto Cervo Marina, Sardinia. "Arte in Porto" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2017 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia Christie's Int. Real Estate Gallery "L’elemento acqua nell’arte" by Sabrina La Leggia.

2017 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia "Incontriamoci nell’arte" by Pinuccia Hrusca.

2016 Porto Rotondo, Sardinia "Incontriamoci nell’arte" by Pinuccia Hrusca.


- 01/31/2022 She donated her Artwork: SHINY AGAVE to the Mexican Embassy in Italy, Rome, at the request of Ambassador Carlos Eugenio García de Alba Zepeda for the commemoration of the Mexican Embassy's 100 years in Italy and is now part of its artistic heritage. 

 -24/08/2018 She donated the Artwork: Agave Splendente, for the charity art auction "ArtCharity Lottery in San Pantaleo for" Oftal Lido del Sole.



5 Spoken and ritten languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English and German.


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