"Nature is the largest and most incomparable work of art", exclaims Chelita, who wanted to create a symbolic metamorphosis from an inert product, into a "living" sculpture that moves with the wind and shines under the sun rays, recalling our attention to the vital importance of the living beings represented.
The lightness and fragility of these beings contrast with the strength and resistance of aluminum and steel, witnesses of their extraordinary tenacity.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Andrea Baffoni

Chelita's sculptures are unique works. They are made with bright, colorless aluminum plates, anodized in different colors, hammered, and bright stainless steel and corten steel. The plates are assembled with stainless steel screws and bolts. The lightness of aluminum allows this sculptures to move with the wind. Thanks to the total reflection properties of up to 98% of this shiny aluminum, her sculptures reflect natural and artificial light and blend into the environment, taking on the colors of nature as a reflection. With these works Chelita wants to bring light and joy.


CATALOGO opere di Chelita Zuckermann
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