My Art

How they are made

My plants are meant to be in constant motion over time. Their owners can adapt their shape to a space or to their emotions.

They move to the blowing of the wind, let themselves be caressed by raindrops and snowflakes, are immune to and resist on any latitude on earth.


My plants are made of aluminum and copper sheets of different thicknesses and textures, from 0.5 mm to 1 mm. The leaves can therefore live moved by the wind. The plants are fixed with steel screws and the materials have been chosen in order to be exposed outdoors and to shine to natural and artificial light. Aluminium remains unchanged while copper turns into a green/brownish color.

Why I chose succulents

The choice is linked to my Mexican origin and to the fact that these plants have always held for me a special charm for both their beauty and because they survive in extreme conditions, like my creations.